Chelsea drew a 16-year-old Irishman

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football tipsters Chelsea has secured a 16-year-old bruise from Northern Ireland, but the shock is more for the boy and his parents after Sam McClellan has to change the classroom in Limavady with the English Grand Academy.

Sam McClellan has been captain of the Northern Ireland national team to 17 years and has been playing at the College of Local Collegiate Club. The boy plays as a central defender, the local newspaper `Belfast Telegraph` calls him a `wanderer` because of his great technique combined with high growth. And besides him, two more boys from Coleren`s school were attracted this summer to English teams. Ben Wilson goes to Brighton, and Luc McKendrey will continue his career in Swansea City.

`I can not say` no `to Cressi, and my father is a big fan of Manchester United, like many people in Northern Ireland, but now I will have to accept my career, ` explains the youngster. But it bruises something very important:`Neither me nor the other two boys would have gone on to such a high level if it was not the work of coaching individual Oliver Cummings with whom we worked and who helped us. to take millions of pounds, but the club mentioned by livestreams is pleased that the future of football in Northern Ireland is part of their club.

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