No winner between the big 2018 absent from the World Cup

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football tipsters Italy and Holland finished 1:1 in the control. Simone Dzzedza gave the hosts an advance in the 67th minute, and at the end of the match adviced by livestreams another Nathan Eek equalized for the `Tulips`. The Italians played with a man less than the middle of the second half because of a red card of Domenico Kristito. The Allianz Stadium duel was a derby between the two most famous teams that failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. Later equalizer of the visitors kept the trend and Italy for the 4th time made 1:1 in Turin. The previous three times this result was achieved against England, Spain and Macedonia.

For Italy, this was another check under the direction of the new coach Roberto Mancini, who tested different tactical options and gave the chance to a wide range of players. `The Azzurri` defeated Saudi Arabia 2-1 in the Manchini debut, but then lost to France by 1:3.

Lorenzo Insierie came out tonight with the captain`s tape, which was a perfect birthday present for Napoli`s 27th birthday. Andrea Belotti and Simone Verdi were the other attackers in the starting team of the hosts, and in the middle of the field were partners Brian Cristiante, Jorginio and Giacomo Bonaventura.

The Dutch also came out with a fairly different eleven-point in comparison to the one against Slovakia a few days ago. Quincy Promes, Kevin Strootman and Stephan de Fry stayed on the bench, while Ryan Babel and Memphis Depay were in the front lines. Italy was the better team to the break and missed to lead. Already in the 3 rd minute Belotti sent the ball into the net, but his goal was canceled due to ambush. The hosts came up with a lot of static positions that were executed by Verdi. The star of Bologna has created a lot of problems for Dutch defense. After his shot center, the ball reached Cristiante and he directed it toward the door, but Jasper Silesian knocked his foot.

Not long after, Belotti was in a clear position after Inquisition`s pass, but he shot right into the `tulips` watch. Inssie also showed a good pass to Verdi, but he also failed to find the result. After one of many corners Domenico Kristi shook dangerously with his head, but Ruud Wormer knocked out of the goal. The Dutch moved after the break. In the 51st minute Rikoshet in Kristito almost led to his own goal, and then Depay shot his head, but did not make Matia Perrin difficult. In the 67th minute he got on the field a little earlier, and Dzidzha overtook Virginie van Dijk after a great breakthrough and centering of Federico Kieza to find `Skuadra Adzura`.

Seconds after the goal, Kristi left the hosts in reduced play. The left back fouls the ripped Ryan Babel and Vladislav Bezborov with a red card. Memphis Depaie had a very treacherous shock from the static situation, but Perrin was careful and murdered. The `tulips` pressed and had two possibilities to catch up, of which they were not used. In the 88th minute, however, Steven Berghuis centered on the far beam to Nathan Aik, who overcame Matia De Shilio and formed the final 1:1.


1:0 S. Dzendza (67)

1:1 N. Eik (88)

ITALY (4-3-3)Perrin;Daspakosta (59 - De Shilio), Rougani, Romanemeli, Krishito;Creep

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