34 points for LeBron James in Cleveland`s victory over Chicago

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football tipsters LeBron James scored 34 points and 13 assists for Cleveland`s victory over Chicago with a 119: 112 match analyzed by contact football tipster at the National Basketball Association. Kevin Lav added 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Duane Wade stepped out of the bench and finished 11 points.

Justin Holidey scored 25 points for Chicago. Boston beat New York with 110: 89. James Brown scored 23 points and Jason Tatum added 22 points for Celtics. Enes Canter finished 16 points and 19 rebounds for the Nix, who has not yet had a win since the start of the season. Indiana defeated Minnesota with 130: 107 at another meeting tonight. Victor Oladipo scored 28 points and Cory Joseph added 21 for Indiana, which recorded 67 percent success in the firing of the basket. Aaron Gordon scored his record-breaking 41 points for Orlando`s victory over Brooklyn with 125: 121. Gordon added 12 rebounds, realizing a three-time 35 seconds before the siren that brought Orlando`s victory. Los Angeles Clippers pushed over Utah with 102: 84 and continued without loss since the start of the season.

Blake Griffin finished 22 points and Patrick Beverly added 19 points for success.

All five Clippers have finished with two-digit points.

Championship of the National Basketball Association of the United States and Canada (NBA):

LA Clippers - Utah 102: 84

Portland - New Orleans 103: 93

Minnesota - Indiana 107: 130

Boston - New York 110: 89

Cleveland - Chicago 119: 112

Orlando - Brooklyn 125: 121

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