Interview with Benzema:I play for my connoisseurs, not critics

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football tipsters For some Karim Benzema is a virtuoso, (not) ninth, which changes the game. For others it is the striker who does not score goals and deserves all the booze. But one thing is certain -;for all it is a mystery.
After remaining in the quarterfinals in the Champions League quarter-final match analyzed by watch livescores against Juventus, perhaps the most controversial player in the world has spoken to Veniti Fair for his tough season in Real Madrid for his involvement in the scandal with the blackmail of his teammate in French national team Mathieu Valbuyena, for his relations with Florentino Perez`s white president, his childhood in Lyon and his life in the Spanish capital.
The controversy accompanied Karim Benzema as he arrived in Madrid nine years ago. His successful football career goes hand-in-hand with headlines in the press about his physical form, his incidents behind the wheel, and the sexcandal in which he was confused. Within a decade he has forged a relationship of love-hate extremes with the Madridians. For good or bad Benzema is a different ninety.

Today the player lives in Ciudadalampo -;a secret colony on the way to Burgos. I walk from home to Valdebaba and from Valdebaba to houses, she says. It comes out only occasionally to have sushi in a metropolitan restaurant. Stop eating things I love is my biggest sacrifice in the name of my career. His weight has prompted years of fierce disputes between the madridists and the sports press.
Karim is trying to spend all his time with his family, and his worst period is during pre-season camps. It`s hard for me to spend three weeks without seeing them. Therefore, at the rest of the year, my route is only between the home and the training base. Only his team, his trophies and his family are important:his wife Cora Gauthier (he does not want to answer if he divorced because it is a personal matter) and his two children, Melia (daughter of his relationship with nurse Cloe de Lone)Ibrahim (son of 9 months, the fruit of his love with Cora). The image of a devoted father, demonstrated in Instagram to his 22 million followers, fully corresponds to reality. He`s open and nice.
His arrival at Madride
Benzema signed with Real Madrid when it exploded in Lyon. In the previous season he became the top scorer of League 1 with 20 accurate hits and declared him the Player of the Year. Florentino Perez himself went to Braun, also known as the Lyon Bronx suburb, where the player then lived. Karim changed his fate thanks to football. It was like sleeping to meet a man like him, calm and very nice. She asked if I wanted to play for Madrid and I said yes to it. I gave him his word and it was.

The operation was closed against EUR 35 million for Lyon, with the striker`s current contract with Los Merengues until June 30, 2021. He does not have a bad thought or a word about his president. He is with me both in good and bad moments. I know he is my president, but he is part of my family. That`s how I feel it. And what are the bad moments? When it happened to Valbyena, after spending a day in detention, I returned to Madrid very sad. Florentino m?

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