Merseysiders for the rematch:We must be in the best shape again

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football tipsters Manager Jurgen Klop does not think that the battle between his Liverpool and Manchester City at the 1/4-finals in the Champions League is decided. The Beatles City Team is leading 3:0 before Ethhad Stadium`s rematch, which is tomorrow at 21:45.

We need to show our best again. It will be a robust match according questions for football tipsters in which we have to be stable, brave, lively, energetic and try to create as many rivals as possible, said the German specialist. The mood at these moments is special. You can feel that. Liverpool`s European evenings are special, added Klop. He does not consider his players to be more experienced in European tournaments than the ones in City.

The result of the first game was a surprise for many, because Josep Guardiola`s team plays great this season. If everything had gone as expected, then we would have been out with one foot. We should have lost to Anfield. But now we have to take advantage of the situation, which is based on our exceptional performance a week ago, Klope believes. The manager commented on the two successive defeats of Liverpool (0:3) and Manchester United (2:3). There is no perfect team in this world - he is convinced. - You have strong moments, you have weak ones. Sometimes the bad goes on for a few days and sometimes even a few minutes. But City was the most worthwhile team throughout the season, and that`s why they are champions. But before I knew they could afford hits, and when you collect goals, you can lose. Against United during the weekend, they could score five or six goals in the first half. The door, however, remained open, and their rival showed the strength to pass through.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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