Make a change or what a shave does

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football tipsters Jake Arieta of Chicago Cubs can walk around undisturbed in the Windy City because the likelihood of someone recognizing it is bounded by zero. How, however, can a squad of a MLB squad afford something like that, just where he plays? The reason is a complete change that the 31-year-old American has taken.

Arrieta impressed with her massive beard, but it`s already in history, and that`s why he looks like a very different person. Literally. It`s like talking about a totally different personality. His wife, Brittany, boasted `his brand new man, ` who is definitely very young and has nothing to do with the bearded beast he plays for Cubs.

Now Jake can safely be used as an example of the `before and after` image in the global space.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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