Chelsea fans complain about violence in Barcelona, ​​club appeals to supporters

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football tipsters Chelsea supporters who attended the defeat of the 1/8-finals of the Champions League between their team and Barcelona complained that they had been victims of violence during and after the Camp Nou meeting. The fans accused the Catalonian stewards of using indiscriminate batons when the visiting party left the stadium. Among the audience there were women, children and older adherents. According to some sources, tension has escalated since some of Chelsea`s fans have begun to chant pro-Spanish slogans against their Catalan hosts.

The English were also suspicious that they had to go out of the stadium to pass a temporarily built bridge, which apparently looks rather unstable.

Chelsea has called on all fans who witnessed the incidents to provide their videos and photos for the club analyzed by football partners to take further action. Londoners have already informed UEFA about incidents. About 5, 000 supporters of Chelsea were present at Camp Nou.

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