In action:7 consecutive wins for Sixs

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football tipsters Philadelphia continued to show its growth with every passing match and scored a seventh consecutive victory after 116:105 at home against Orlando`s team. The Sears have dealt with Magic after a brilliant match by contact football tipster of their young stars, Joel Embyd and Ben Simmons, and it seems that Bret Brown is going to do everything to stay in the playoffs until the end of the regular season. Philadelphia is seventh in the East with 32 wins and 25 losses, while Milwaukee (33-25) and fourth and fifth - Washington (34-25) and Indiana (34-25) are onone hand.

Embyd impressed once again and scored 28 points, picked up 14 rebounds, adding just one umbrella to his statistics, but he did it in a memorable way and wiped his finger like legendary Dickembe Mutombo after the blockade. Simmons scored 17 points and 7 assists, and Philly`s other players scored a minimum of 10 points - Dario Sarric realizes 11, Robert Covington finishes 12, and Jay J. Redik with 16.

Marko Bellinelli made a good comeback with 15 points in 27 minutes, while Aaron Gordon scored 20 points best for Orlando.

Magic recorded a loss of 18 in a total of 59 games so far in the season.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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