Michael Jordan at 55

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football tipsters February 17th is a happy day for basketball fans around the world, because on that date, 55 years ago, Michael Jeffrey Jordan came to light. The man who became the first global sports icon and considered by many to be the greatest basketball player in history. Legendary No. 23 won six titles with Chicago Bulls, with six MVPs in the finals, and his individual awards were endless - 5 times the season`s MVP, a Defender of the Year and Rookie of the Year Award, as welland 10 contender titles and two trophy trophy trophies.

All the achievements, however, remain in the background as compared to his overall contribution to popularizing the basketball game. Michael also boasts a number of college-level successes, as well as the US national team, and today he enjoys running the team in the state in which he grew up, namely North Carolina and Charlotte Hornets.

Happy Birthday, Your Air!

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