Napoli is ahead of Inter for Deulofeu

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football tipsters Barcelona`s Gerard Deulofeu`s wings are close to Camp Nou. Most likely, he will return to Italy, where last season he made strong matches adviced by football partners with Milan`s team. Inter and Napoli are now interested in him. Yesterday, Deulofeu`s agent was spotted in Naples for talks with the leaders of the A Series. Barca will agree to release Deullofe for 20m euros, but Napoli hopes to drop the price by 4-5m euros.

The eventual deal also depends on Simone Verdi. Bologna`s star must decide whether to go to San Paolo by the end of the month or after the end of the season. Bologna has already accepted Napoli`s offer, and if Verdi puts on the sky-blue team, the Deullofe option might fail.

Separately, the Spaniard himself prefers to go to Inter, but the `Nerazzur` wants him to rent while Barcelona is pushing to sell him. One thing is certain:after Philippe Coutinho`s arrival, 23-year-old Deulofeau will have to look for luck away from Cam Nou.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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