What happened to Langello and Lamelo Bol?

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football tipsters Or, more precisely, what did their own father, Lavor Bol? Strange and frightening stories about Lithuania, at least from an American point of view, continue with full force. The latest ones are stories about how crazy the coach of the future team of La Angelo and Lamelo - Virginius Sheskus is.

Vitautas`s 50-year-old mentor is home to the 10-kilometer town of Prenai, where he actually plays the Vitautas team. In fact, Sheshkus is far more than a coach, and a renowned European agent defines him as Lord rather because he is the leader of the team on the second division`s path to both Lithuanian Cups and the Baltic League title, with several Europeans participating in the same period.

Virginius Sheskus is crazy. I try to erase my memories of it from my mind. I played all over the world - Lithuania, Israel, Kosovo, Italy and Qatar, I have been good coaches, but he is not one of them. Whether you`re a novice or a veteran. Playing for him is terribly difficult. He was doing crazy drills, kicking balls, screaming and cursing for no reason, even the local players. If that is the case now, these guys, LiangJello and Lamelo - will be picking up their luggage as early as the first month, tells his Lithuanian experience under the sign of Sheskus another American player - Mike Moser, who traces with that coach in the 2014/2015 season in Lietouvoskickback.

Sheskus has such power and influence that he even takes his team out of the field of play in October this year when he is disqualified. Lavar Bol to get LAMELO`s school team out of the field in the summer Random coincidence?

Billy Baron, who recently won a FIBA Americame Gold medal with the US team, is also part of Lietuvos in the 2014/2015 season, which is reported by Moser.

We went out of training and saw the coach selling meat to the players directly from the trunk of his car, says Barron.

Apart from what has been listed so far, another factor is likely to have its influence - Sheskus speaks no English. Actually, according to the words of his former players, he did not even try to teach him. He often goes out of workouts prematurely, or just drives his prudence to play football.

Vitautas Sports Director Adomas Kubilius is not worried because he thinks that Shakescu`s assistants and other players will help with the language barrier to the Bolly brothers. The Americans do not pay special tribute to the squad, and that is why the fact that there has been no US representative in the club mentioned by win football predictions for almost ten years. This summer, Bradley Tinsley arrives in Lithuanian team, which is released only after a month and averages of 7 points and 2. 1 assists. But he refuses to comment on the coach because he is still expecting money from his former team.

The Lithuanian media reveal that there is an amicable early termination clause in the Liangello and Lamelo contracts, which can be inaugurated in February.

Attracting them is rather a marketing trick that certainly works. I`m having fun because I know what awaits them. When Lamelo tried to pass through some of the shelters, he could not stand up anymore. Lithuanians play basketball as if it were a UFC match. Everything is against them, added Barron.

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