Aspilquita:Chelsea will be waiting for Manchester United derby errors

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football tipsters Chelsea must defeat West Ham on Saturday to be able to capitalize on the loss of points in the Manchester United derby between Manchester United and City, said Cesar Aspilquita, the London defender. `Blue` lags 11 points from Manchester City driver and 3 from Manchester United second, and win over West Ham or bring them closer to the driver, or tie them to the second with United.

`The two Manchester teams can not take three points at the same time, so we have to use this opportunity, but we have to play intelligently and see how our opponents will react, ` said the defender.

Chelsea is in a series of 6 wins in 7 games, with only a 1:1 draw against Liverpool preventing the `blue` series from being perfect.

`We need to get a close look at every match in December, because every three days we play for three more points, and these games from winfootballtipsters will be crucial in the last weeks of the season and may allow us to fight for the title, ` added Aspilquita.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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