Football predictions Zac Brown: I wouldn`t rule out Ricciardo`s return to F1. All it takes is one chance

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football tipsters McLaren chief executive Zak Brown is confident that Daniel Ricciardo will return to Formula 1 as a main participant in the future.

Ricciardo will spend the next season at Red Bull as a reserve driver.

He came to us as a seven-time Grand Prix winner, and left as an eight-time winner. But he will need to rebuild, restore his career. Return, becoming the same on the track.

It seems to me that one race may be enough for this. All you need is one chance. After all, this has happened before - look at the same Hulkenberg. I didn`t think we`d see Nico racing again - with all due respect to Nico, he hasn`t raced on a regular basis for quite some time. So yes, I definitely wouldn`t rule out the possibility of Ricciardo returning.

There can be two ways here. The first is to get a chance like Kevin Magnussen ended up behind the wheel of Haas. The second is that if one of the main drivers catches Covid, you will find yourself driving a car that can win, you will win the race and everyone will immediately pay attention to you, " Brown said.

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