Football tip I had nothing to fight for, I was physically exhausted. Ricciardo considers the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix the hardest race of his career

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football tipsters Red Bull reserve driver Daniel Ricciardo shared his memories of the most difficult race of his career.

According to Ricciardo, he had the hardest time in his debut season at the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix - and Daniel even hoped for an engine breakdown and retirement.

This was my fourth or fifth race in Formula 1 overall, having been thrown into the championship analyzed by contact football tipster mid-season, and I never expected how physically demanding the Singapore race would be.

The race lasted two hours - the longest of my career to that point - but it was incredibly hot and the level of physical exertion was very high. At the same time, I broke the front wing of the car itself on the first lap of the race.

As a result, I ended up a lap behind the leader, and by the end of the race, given the level of the car, in any case I should have ended up 4-5 laps behind the leader. So yes, it was hard - I was out of contention from the very beginning of the race, I had nothing to fight for, and physically I was just incredibly exhausted, " said Ricciardo.

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