Football tipster Jaylen Brunson on missed free throws at the end with Chicago: It`s unpleasant

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football tipsters New York point guard Jaylen Brunson named the reasons for the defeat in the match against Chicago (117:118).

Brunson made two key free throws 6 seconds before the final advised by watch livescores siren at +1. After that, DeMar DeRozan Bulls won.

First, you need to hit free throws. It was necessary to build on the success when we had the advantage. We also need to play better defense. RJ Barrett did amazing. I just couldn`t close this match for him. Yes, it`s unpleasant. I`m constantly working on free throws. When I get on the line, I am confident in myself. It just didn`t hit, " Brunson said.

Barrett finished the game with 44 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

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