Football tipsters Lazio fans about closing the stand for racism: The usual hypocrisy of the football world, which agreed to the World Cup in Qatar, a truly racist country, for money

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football tipsters Ultras Lazio have issued a statement regarding the closure of the fan section for the match against Empoli.

During the match of the 16th round of Serie A against Lecce (1:2), Lazio fans shouted racist chants at Samuel Umtiti and Lameck Banda. As part of the penalties, the fan stand at the home stadium was closed at the match predicted by contact football tipster with Empoli. An appeal against this decision was rejected.

This is typical of the hypocritical football world, which is ready to judge, blame and punish in the name of political correctness.

They are outraged by the chants and are closing the entire sector with 10 thousand seats. For what reason? Let`s remind them that they agreed - for money - to host the World Cup in Qatar, in a country that is truly racist, homophobic and discriminatory to the core, where women cannot even leave their homes.

Let`s refresh their memories - it`s always been like this in stadiums. Rivals and their mothers were insulted, but no one ever bothered to close the sector. That`s how it should be.

They did this to us Lazio fans to hurt us, to drown us in the name of fighting (false) racism, which they interpret as they want.

We continue, without giving up, as always, to defend our Lazio in every stadium in Italy and Europe, in the face of those who attack us and want to break us. They must understand that this will never work, " the club`s fans said in a statement.

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