Football prediction Sinner on the injury that will cause him to miss the Davis Cup: Problem with the index finger of his right hand. At first I didn`t even think that everything was so bad

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football tipsters World number 15 Jannik Sinner spoke about the injuries he has faced this season. Due to hand problems, he did not finish the match against Marc Andrea Husler in Paris and will miss the Davis Cup.

Getting injured is always unpleasant. But not because you have to withdraw, but because you can`t go on the court and train. For me, the most painful thing about injuries is that I can`t play. Because I love tennis, it is my passion, and it was no coincidence that I chose it.

In Miami I had blisters, they weren`t a real injury. I could have played the quarter-finals with Serundolo, and that would be a shame. I understood that I could play well, I improved in the match with Kyrgios, but in the end I couldn`t even stay on the court. It hurt me, but it also helped me become stronger and resist everything that happened to me before.

After Paris I went home because I don`t play in the finals. Then I wanted to train for two weeks before the Davis Cup, but my finger hurt. Last Thursday, November 10th, I had a test and it turned out that I would not be able to play. Therefore, we have already begun to prepare for the next season, but we do not work with weights and do not strain our arms. When the finger heals, I will start playing tennis again. Problem with the index finger of the right hand. To be honest, at first I didn`t even think it was that bad. In the match prediction by livestreams with Husler, I felt discomfort on serve. I didn`t think it was that bad, but the further it went, the more my finger hurt.

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