Federer: From now on there is no going back

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football tipsters Roger Federer has successfully started his participation in the ATP Finals in London. The Swiss beat Jack Soccer 6: 4, 7: 6 (4) in the opening match. He received a great welcome from the English audience at the return of the tournament to the best eight. After the fight he commented that he was happy with his condition and after this game `I continue with full force`. Everyone will start playing better with every passing game You can not expect to play your best tennis in the first match It was more important to control the match and we had a tactical plan Sometimes at the startthe plan fails and you just want to serve it well First you concentrate on this, then you try to make the revolutions, `Roger said. The Grand Slam titles recorder gave a break after winning the Basel tournament, but it did not affect his shape: `Honestly, it took me a long time to get back in. Last week it was slow for meIn addition to the charity match mentioned by contact football tipster with Andy Murray, I did not do anything else this week, but at the end of the week I took the pace and started training more intensely, and I am glad I had the energy today, and I am glad that after this break I feel so. I`m in the tournament, there`s no going back and I`m going ahead with full force. `

FederDr. was asked whether he regretted that the battle for first place in the world is decided in London, but he said he was glad to Nadal. `Rafa was better in the year He played more tournaments, he had a lot of successes I do not regret that I do not fight for the first place At my age this is either coming or not He has more strength than I doI was able to play as much as I wanted, but my only regret is that I wanted to fight for the top of Montreal, Cincinnati and US Open, and it quickly ended when he won in New York, and he deserves it. , not to mention this battle now, during the tournament, `said the Swiss. Roger also commented on Nadal, who said he did not win the ATP Finals title because the tournament has never played in clay. He was asked if it was fair. `Honestly. `I`m not sure that`s the right word. I think it`s fair to be indoors. There is no Masters of Grass. There is one in-door - Paris. So, I think indoor tournaments also have their place. Can you play clay once in a while? Yes, maybe. It is a question of discussion. I do not think that this time of the year is for clay, `he finished with a smile.


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