Football prediction The Barça coach revealed a `mole` in the locker room

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football tipsters Head coach Ronald Koeman had a mole problem in the locker room early in his coaching career in Barcelona last summer. It turns out that someone leaked information to the media, but it was revealed. This is what the mentor`s brother, Erwin Kuman, said. In the early months of Ronald at the Nou Camp, there was someone in the locker room who revealed the lineup. But he solved the problem quickly, Erwin Kuman told Voetbal International. Until August, Ronald was the coach of the Netherlands, but agreed to replace Kike Setien. At the moment, my brother is under more pressure than in the national team, because in Barca it is not like seeing the team once every three months, added Erwin, who was Ronald`s assistant in Southampton and Everton.

At least five people knew about Messi`s contract

There are suspicions that another mole has recently revealed to the media the details of Lionel Messi`s contract, which has led to a scandal. However, there are people on social media who suspect the leadership of this.

The Barça coach revealed a `mole` in the locker room Football prediction - more details and information: Football prediction

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