Football prediction Simona Halep: Federer`s resignation will be a tragedy for tennis

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football tipsters Former No1 in the world and current No2 Simona Halep said that it would be a `tragedy` for tennis when Roger Federer decides to end his phenomenal professional career. The Swiss is already 39 years old and the upcoming season will almost certainly be among the last for him in the ATP tour. `It will not be a tragedy for Federer to retire at the age of 40. It will be a tragedy for our sport, for his colleagues, we miss him very much.

He was an idol for our whole generation. . . warm with everyone Genius, in my opinion When Federer leaves the stage, it will be sad for the sport, but I think from his point of view it will be a wise decision There are other things outside of tennis, and what he has achieved, it`s huge, `Halep, 29, told Digisport.

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The Romanian also recalled her first meeting with the Swiss legend - at Wimbledon in 2007. Then she was a teenager and participated in the girls` tournament, and her debut in the WTA tour is yet to come. I was at Wimbledon 2007, I went to the training courts, I wore a teenager`s badge. I went to leave a rocket and saw it. I froze on the spot. I didn`t know how to react. I handed him my badge and asked him if he wouldcould have given me an autograph, `said the reigning Wimbledon champion, who failed in 2020. `He asked me how I was and what I was doing here. I told him I liked tennis and I was among the Wimbledon players. I had never seen grass courts before, ` Halep continued, adding that Federer washe was very friendly, although he knew nothing about her. `His attitude was very warm, he left me with a very pleasant feeling. Although he was very famous, he talked to me and wished me all the best, ` Halep returned.

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