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football tipsters Former Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins has criticized Chicago Bulls star Zac LaVienne. The analyst in the ESPN team believes that the `bulls` guard does not have leadership qualities and cannot cope with the task of being a No1 player in the team.

`I adore Zack LaVien, but he won`t make it to the Chicago Bulls. I think he has to go somewhere where he`s not a key player on the team. He can`t take on that role. Yes, he`ll be on the floor andHe will score 30 points, but he is not a person who can lead you to success, he will erupt in six consecutive games, then he will hide and you will see him after six more consecutive matches. I like him, but I don`t like how you arecoincided with the Chicago Bulls, `Perkins said.

LaVine has started her seventh season in the NBA, but has yet to make the playoffs. The reason for this is that he played for two of the weakest teams in recent years - Minnesota and Chicago, where he is currently. Last season, the 25-year-old scored an average of 25. 5 points, 4. 8 rebounds, 4. 2 assists and 1. 5 steals with the Bulls.

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