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football tipsters Shortly after officially signing his new $ 190 million five-year contract, LA Lakers star Anthony Davis gave an extensive interview to Spectrum SportsNet. The heavy wing revealed that it does not plan to leave its beloved Los Angeles soon, and this was the main reason for signing the long-term deal with the `lakes`.
LeBron and Davis officially signed with the Lakers
About the decision - `I just wanted to consider my options. Winning the title with the Lakers was great. Congratulations to the management for the team they put together. We really did something special last season, given the situation throughout 2020. I don`t thinkI had doubts about whether I would re-sign. I just had to decide what was the best solution for me and my family. I`m glad I signed. The team looks great and I`m extremely excited about the upcoming campaign. `

For Los Angeles - `LA is where I want to be. I`m really happy that the management has put together a great team for the new season. Los Angeles is one of my favorite places. So far I`ve only spent my summer vacations here, and now I havethe opportunity to live as it will be for the next five years. I do not plan to leave soon, so this is the reason I choose the maximum option of five years for my contract.

About the new contract of his teammate LeBron James, who will remain in the team until 2023-`I didn`t even know that LeBron would re-sign for another two years. Although Rich Paul is also my agent, he did not inform me about the contract of James`I found out on the day everyone else did as well. I wasn`t surprised, though. He still loves the game mentioned by win football predictions and is ready to move on. Obviously, he`s already considering taking the opportunity to play in a team with his son. `
About the new additions - `The attraction of Dennis Schroeder surprised me the most. I really didn`t expect it. You read the rumors, you hear various things, but you can`t be completely sure about anything. But when I saw that the deal was ready, he was just amazed. He is a great player in both phases and will adapt to our style of play very easily. We lost a lot of players without whom we would not have been able to win the title. But we have added those who can take the right role in the team sothat everything is okay `

For the next season and the quest for success - `I used the break to recover, even though it was short. In a few weeks we will start the fight again. It will be a short season, but we are fully prepared to fight. I am motivated to lift the title again. When we became Western Conference champions, LeBron told me, "Wait until you lift the big trophy. " Your love and desire to win grows with each serious success, and I want to feel it again and lift the Larry O u0026 Brian trophy again.

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