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football tipsters Alpine skiing superstar Michaela Schiffrin said that the sporting longevity of Swiss tennis titan Roger Federer gives her motivation. Federer is currently 38 years old, but continues to compete at the highest level.

I do not think I will compete long after I am 30 years old. But if I still love it and do it the way I want, there is no reason to stop. Look at Roger Federer. I get angry when people keep asking when he will quit.

He feels good, plays well and will give up when he really wants it. We just have to enjoy that he is still at the top in his sport. I see that he continues to have fun despite his advancing age, and that motivates me, Shiffrin told Ski Actu.

The 24-year-old slalom master already knows Federer personally, both of whom have been featured in the same ad. He is great, one of my biggest idols. We first met two years ago. It was incredible. And then in September. He is a great athlete, but also a fantastic personality, added the charming American.

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