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football tipsters When football is reduced to a simple result, it becomes artificial, cold, soulless. The par excellence statistic is limited to telling us the end of the movie, much like those of our dispassionate friends, for whom the only thing that matters is the hero`s victory or the villain`s death and set aside everything else. In fact, everything else is what really made this sport the greatest spectacle in the world: talent, hard work, pride, passion, luck, cheerfulness. to sustain the life of a Tamagocchi.
The experience on Sunday night at Anfield in the most anticipated football duel for the football world in recent years should have the feeling of being your own child and watching him triumph in life. The Jurgen Klop boys won the convincing 3:1 final, but also with all the difficulty of defeating a team led by Joseph Guardiola.

There is much talk about the coincidence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but history will retain a special place for the amazing rivalry that arose between the German colossus and the Catalan genius. In their skillful hands, football reached a level of sophistication and competitiveness similar to what was imposed on the rock scene in the late 1980s between Metallica and Guns n `Roses. Who can tell us, the nostalgics of those glorious times, that the third half of the war between thrash and clay will be played again in the stadiums, but this time not on the raised concert stages, but on the green field itself
Few matches analyzed by questions for football tipsters can explain the sheer tactical evolution of football as the new English Classic. Although the Spanish version continues to hold an undeniable forehead in the emotions of the Old Continent, the development of the modern game has raised the clash between Liverpool and Manchester City to the first stage in terms of football ideology. And this without the presence of any of the best players of the last decade -;without Messi and Ronaldo, without Neymar or Cillian Mbappe.

In the absence of decisive individuals, the organization, taken to the level of excellence by Clops and Guardiola, takes the top of the game;two preachers of spent static, aggressive pressing immediately after losing the ball, and understanding that success is not possible without letting your physical capabilities slip. Without the energy needed for this atrocious football, it is impossible to maintain possession of the ball at their level. And at Anfield, none of the stage actors abused the ball.
Playing against them is like going to the dentist, Guardiola said of his opponents in September. The result of the decision on Sunday, not only because of the result, confirmed the validity of this thesis, though with one remark. It would never go over our heads to applaud a dentist, even those who make the art of blunting the pain of anesthesia.
Don`t believe those who simply applaud the result today: after all, the important thing has always been and will be to drive you feeling. Football tips - more details and information: Football tips

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