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football tipsters Roger Federer has made new changes to the record books once again after triumphing with ten titles in Basel. The 38-year-old Swiss gave way to emotions during his hometown awards ceremony and did not hide his tears. For him, each title is something special.

You saw that emotions overwhelmed me again, winning here in Basel, said the 20-time Slam champion at his press conference, quoted by atptour. com.

I don`t consider winning these tournaments via watch livescores to be normal. I take them as something unique and special, even after so long. Each one has a different taste and I am currently trying to enjoy them as much as possible.

In 1993, Roger Federer, a small ball-handler, received a medal from Basel champion Michael Stich. The German tennis player has just won the fourth trophy of the year after beating Stefan Edberg in the finals in four sets, and is rewarding the children of the court, including the future 20-time Grand Slam champion.

And after the phenomenal tournament he played, the 38-year-old Swiss took the medals in his hands and placed them around the necks of each ball-handler. To give a fresh start to this cycle so that, after nearly three decades, any of the little boys and girls can remember that moment after lifting the title to Basel.

I think everything that happened this week brought my memories back. People think I`m just going out and making it an optional match this week. But beyond that there are many more things to do, including dealing with four children, which is a big challenge.

When I stand here and bring the tape back to everything I had to go through, it really touches me. Also, just the music and the thought of running ball feeders already gives me energy.

Roger lectured Alex de Minor in tennis in the final of the race. The Grand Slam trophy recorder delighted his countrymen in the stands, displaying all of his best weapons to defeat the Australian 6-2 6-2 in just over an hour on the court. The former 1 thus won its fourth award this year, as it raised trophies in Dubai, Miami and Halle earlier in the campaign. For the fifth consecutive time in Basel, she has won the title and now has a total of 103 honors in her rich collection, coming even closer to recorder Jimmy Connors, who is 109.

When you lift a trophy in the past, as a teenager, you say: Let me imagine that I am one of those great players. And then you know you`re not. Now, when you do it on a court from which the stands invite your name, celebrate with you and your tennis, the feeling is incredible. Previously, there were only a few parents and a casual photographer. So things have definitely changed. The trip was incredible. Today is very different.

The former No. 1 picked up the tenth anniversary of another tournament this year after defeating David Goffen at the Halle final.

Rarely in your entire career are you given the chance to win 10 titles in the same tournament. I could not be happier that this happened here in Basel as well as in Halle. The week ? Football predictions - more details and information: Football predictions

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