Football tips Karagar apologized to Evra for T-shirts 8 years ago.

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football tipsters Eight years later, former Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher has apologized to Patrice Evra for the scandalous T-shirts he and his team-mates used to dress over Luis Suarez`s racist slurs against the defender.

In November 2011, Suarez - at that time in Liverpool - insulted a racist-based Evra who was part of Manchester United. After investigating the case, the Football Association found the striker guilty and sentenced him to 8 matches. The day after the harsh sanction was announced - on December 22, the Merseyside went out to warm up for Wigan`s match with T-shirts and Uruguayan numbers, asking for their support.

There is no doubt that we made a huge mistake then - replied Carragher when meeting with Evra at Sky Sports Studio.
`I remember arriving at the stadium that day, having lunch and then it was time to get the team together before the game, ` Carragher continued. - I don`t know if it was manager Kenny Dalglish or coach Steve Clark, but did anyone ask one of the players if he still wore the T-shirt? . That was the first time I heard about her. I am not saying that I was not part of all this and that the club made no mistake. I was even the second captain. But I`m not sure who invented it. I don`t think Dalglish had a finger in this;rather, it seems to me that this came from those players who were closer to Louis and wanted to support him.

Evra himself commented on Karagar`s words as follows: When I saw this then, I thought it was a stupid act. It was not to be believed. With this action you put your own club by football predictions archives at risk. You should always stand behind your athlete because he or she is part of the team, but in this case it was action after the penalty had already been imposed. I would have understood if they had done so before the sanction was announced while the investigation was ongoing. And what is the message here? Support a punished person because he uses racist language.

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