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football tipsters Lyon`s team recorded a classic 3-0 victory over Monaco in the clash between the two teams from the 18th round in the French League 1. Stade de Lumiere`s hosts totally defeated their rival and could win more convincingly if they were notbrilliant interventions by goalkeeper Diego Benalio. Same for the Kids` success were Eugene Aurar in the 6th, Nabil Fecir in the 34th and Fernlan Mendi in the 59th minute.

From the very beginning Lyon started aggressively and in the 6th minute he came to the opening of the score. Bertrand Thorau centered sharply, goalkeeper Benallio knocked the ball, but right into Awara`s legs, who instantly put it in the net for 1:0. In the 17th minute Nabil Fekir was stranded in the penal field and at first the judge pointed to the white point but then received a signal from his assistant that the striker of Lyon had been ambushed and canceled his decision. However, in the 35th minute it was Fekir who doubled the lead of his team. Kenny Ttete did not give up a ball to the out-door and with a sword managed to direct her to Fekir, who moved her into the door for 2:0. At the start of the second half, the situation for the guests became even more unpleasant as Alexander Golovin received a direct red card. Interestingly, the arbitrator took this decision after looking at the Russians` violation with VAR and judged that his entry with the buttons in the back deserved to be expelled. Lyon took advantage of his numerical advantage, and by the end of the game via football partners he did what he wanted. In the 59th minute a third goal logically fell. Tete, with a great center on the right, found Fernlan Mendi in the lead and he headed the door for 3:0. Thus Lyon collected an asset of 31 points, coming out in third place in the standings. Monaco remains in the penultimate 19th position with 13 points.



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