New arrests due to corruption in Belgian football

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football tipsters Investigators have taken a sudden look at the Belgian elite football club Muscron and have held three words on suspicion of illegal funding by offshore companies and illegal licensing to work as a professional club, the prosecutor`s office said.

The case is second in the Belgian football fraud and money laundering investigation. In October there was a wave of attacks and arrests, including two judges, football agents and coach from Belgian champion Bruges. Investigators have made seven scrutiny today - in the offices of Mussron, in the homes of club employees and at the headquarters of two sports associations, the federal prosecutor`s office said.

Club President Patrick Delerk told the Belgian RTBF television channel that Muscron cooperated with the investigation and that he, as President, was fully accountable. Federal prosecutors have begun to investigate as early as April whether Muscron has filed bogus papers to conceal the control of the club by a player agent. Football regulations prohibit agents from owning clubs. At the moment, Muscuron is in the penultimate position in the Belgian league according winfootballtipsters with 10 points in 15 games.

Football blog of Win Football Tipsters

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