Carlo Ancelotti made a 4-0 draw at Napoli

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football tipsters Legendary Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti begun with his unpolluted 4:0 adventure in Napoli. `Heavenly` beat the newcomer in third Gozano Division in his first check this summer. The duel was played at the Neapolitan training camp in Dimaro, where several thousand typhoons came to see the team.

Napoli`s new addition, Fabian Ruis Penia, scored a very beautiful goal in his debut. This happened in the 20th minute, and the shot gave Napoli an advance, which remained until the end of the first part. Betis, a midfielder bought for EUR 30 million, managed to make his best performances before his break.

After the shifts in the second half, three more goals were scored in the goal of Gozano. Young Alberto Grassi, who hired JAL in last season, doubled in the 60th minute, spotting Adam Una`s centering. Another of the newcomers Simone Verdi also scored in his debut, being accurate in the 71st minute.

The former Bologna player was right in a penalty shoot-out against Amadou Diavara. The midfielder was involved in another goal after assisting for the final addition of Unas, who finished the final from questions for football tipsters 4-0 in the 79th minute.

NAPOLI (4-3-3) - Karnesis, Hissai, Albiol, Maximimovic, Lupert, Horn, Hamsik, Fabian, Kaiehon, Inglese, Inssenie

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